Investing in your future

How do you see your future?

Will you habe some government pension or you will decide to have income that is better than that? It all depends on the decisions that you make TODAY. So check out the financial instruments that you can use to make your fure safe!

Well it is always risky to invest big in something that you don’t know – so it is better to put your money in something that you understand.

Take a moment to speak with one of our consultants and understand what is the profit of our partnership.

Guide the investors trough your own interests and topics and choose the companies you want to invest in.

Responsibility is something that you will handle but we will guide you trough the decision making process and stay asured that your opinion will be taken under consideration.

Our Financial Services

What will you recieve you sign a contract with us?

We are taking care of your full portfolio taking the risk of your investments and guaranteeng margins of profit above 12%. We tend to invest into land and food production which is considered one of the best investments for long term.

As you know many of our customers have profit over 65% which ofcourse is not guaranteed but we are very flexible at making investments.

You can participate in the board of directors meeting and vote for the portfolio decisions which are held every 10th of the month – weekends included.

Generating big margin of profit considers big investments so investing up to 20-30% of your total income is not that good. Having said that we will be glad to have a meeting with you and dsicuss our further partnership.


Banking division of Wells Fargo

The manager of the corporate banking division of Wells Fargo & Co. announced today that the US lender expects growth to continue through company acquisitions. He said the bank hopes to continue to purchase loan portfolios, whether by releasing some of the financial assets of General Electric Co or otherwise. The company’s shares rose 1.3 percent to 57.39 dollars per share so far in today’s session.

Petrol in a rise

Futures of light crude rose about 2% in trading today, extending substantially upward movement from the previous session. The growth in prices was supported by the report of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which announced that it expected an increase in crude demand this year, but provides a glut in the market to fall. Investors are also under the influence of the data of the American Petroleum Institute (API) for stocks in the United States last week, which showed a surprise drop. Official data on stocks of Energy Information Administration (EIA) is scheduled for 17:30. Today.

GoPro with bad predictions

Shares of GoPro Inc. fell 6 percent to 55.13 dollars per share at the beginning of the regular session today after analysts downgraded Citigroup’s expectations for sales of the company’s cameras and announced that they foresee a decline in consumer demand this year amid the transition to sales and Dronov other products for virtual reality video. GoPro working for some time on the diversification of its business by acquiring virtual reality company Kolor in April and announced its plans to produce 4-rotor unmanned aircraft unit.

Apple Maps

By Apple Inc. They reported that their cars go around the world to collect data and images that will be used to improve the application Apple Maps. Apple said it will not show the faces of people and license plates of cars in the publication of the collected pictures. Cars equipped with cameras to Apple will give the Maps application features such as Street View to Google.

AMS options in decline

Shares of Swiss company AMS AG tumbled 27 percent today after a report that Swiss-listed company for sensors has lost a key contract with Apple Inc. “AMS probably lost a contract to participate in the production of the next generation of Apple”, according to a report in the Swiss financial press, citing sources close to the company.

Rumors are bad especially if you are a big company with multi-million dollar income.