Individual Banking

Services for companies and individuals from banking institutions:
Assistance for determining the type and amount of credit requested by you;
Assistance in preparing applications for credit;
Preparation of reports for your company, by the standards of the creditor bank;
We will save you fees that are previously agreed between us and the bank, which will provide credit

Services for Individuals from companies for fast loans and nonbank institutions:

We offer assistance for lending to individuals:
who have no access to bank credit;
who have poor credit history in the Central Credit Register (CCR);
who have no income proof.
With purpose:
merging multiple loans into one;
emergency working capital;
starting, developing and expanding business;
repair of home or office.
Due to various possible options and solutions, if you have a particular case or inquiry, contact us by phone 0882-935-015, or send us an email:

Our staff will contact you soon to discuss your case and be offered adequate solution.

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